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Akay is a renowned name in the field of Indian Spice Industry. Our success story tells how we maintain a lasting strategic relationship with our stakeholders. In 1996 we started our chili processing plant in a small village in Haveri district of Karnataka State in India. During that time the village was very impoverished with alcoholism as the main problem and the families were struggling with poverty and finding it difficult to send their children to school. Akay decided to give employment to women only so that the compensation will go directly to their families.

  • In 1997 we employed 100 women
  • Encouraged women to send their children to school
  • Supported local school to improve the infrastructure
  • Encouraged technical education
  • Helped many of them by providing opportunity to work with us

A small factory in a village could transform the life of villagers more empowered. Today Akay- Tadas factory has expanded with a new extraction units too. Both Akay and Tadas village have benefited from the close association.

Akay is trying to replicate this success in one of the poorest regions of Cambodia, South East Asian country which had suffered for long from war and famine, counted among the least developed and poorest countries with highest burden of hunger and under nutrition. Activities undertaken by Akay in Cambodia include :

  • Training more than 500 farmer families in cultivation
  • Training is given in water harvesting, efficient usage of locally available resources
  • Mechanizing the farming to increase speed and large farming
  • Training to students of Agriculture in association with University of Battambang, Cambodia
  • Agricultural spending leads to higher rural income and increase in both farm and non-farm employment
  • Currently, Akay’s model farm in Cambodia employs about 200 farm workers
  • During planting and harvesting season, the number of workers swells up to 400
  • Built about 70Kms of road from main Battambang City to Asothe in Salmot District

The Research Project of the World Bank partnering with United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) based on Seven Principles for Responsible Agricultural Investment (PRAI) launched at the 64th Session of the United Nations General Assembly had identified Akay Cambodia farm as one of the mature agribusiness investments in the world. Akay’s investment was found to be no negative impacts on the PRAI study parameters such as working conditions, employment, and infrastructure, access to land and access to markets.

All the operations of Akay integrate relentless focus on creating business value while undertaking persistent efforts to minimize negative effects on the surrounding environment and society as a whole. The quality systems’ certifications in environment management, quality management and food safety management which we possess vouch for our commitment to the standards benefitting the society at large.

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