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Spiceuticals Turmeric Products

Turmeric Products

Akay takes pride in being a manufacturer dedicated to 100% natural Ingredients for food & nutrition. Akay has always stood out distinguished in the commitment towards nature & scientific research.Spiceuticals® demonstrated the sharply focused approach of AKAY to generate research-backed ingredients and shows the way by which SPICES are transformed to SPICEUTICALS.

AKAY takes pride being one among the very few companies in the world who own ORGANIC FARMS and EXTRACTION plants to provide sustainability and cost-advantage to a range of turmeric products under the Nature to Nutraceuticals program. The vertically integrated platform from farm to pharmacy and clinically substantiated & patented ingredients transformed AKAY as a global-leader in turmeric. Qualified personnel and modern sophisticated instruments accelerates R&D in areas of natural product chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, metabolomics, biochemistry, & molecular biology.

Supported with more than 20 peer-reviewed highly-cited publications on formulation, mechanism of delivery, biotransformation, pharmacokinetics, brain bioavailability & clinical studies, CurQfen®- curcumin could establish a benchmark in curcumins FREE curcuminoids bio-availability, bio-equivalence and bio-efficiency.

  • Own organic farms in Cambodia
  • Software-assisted contract farming for crop management & traceability
  • Provides enhanced absorption and tissue distribution of curcuminoids
  • Promoting cultivation of turmeric in Ethiopia & Cambodia
  • Special finger turmeric with >10% curcuminoids (TURMA-RICH GOLDTM)
  • Full range of turmeric products from ‘sterilized turmeric powder to bioavailable curcumins’
  • Production of >250 MT of curcumin 95%
  • Dedicated plants for various extractions & for ORGANIC grades
  • Nature to NutraceuticalsTM

CurQfen® - Organic certified new generation bioavailable form, with FREE curcuminoids delivery & BBB -permeability, supported by clinically validated claims for brain, liver, heart & joint health - more than 20 peer-reviewed publications.

Organic bioavailable form with complete turmeric matrix (100% turmeric)

Non-leaching curcumin beadlets for preventing colour & dust explosion

Water soluble 'collagen-curcumin bio complex' with enhanced bio availability of curcuminoids

Bioavailable turmeric extract as a natural growth promoter for poultry feed

Other Turmeric Variants

  • Turmeric powder sterilized >10% curcuminoids
  • Standard Curcumin 95% (Ethyl Acetate, Acetone, Isopropyl alcohol)
  • Granular curcumin – density varying from 0.6 to 0.8 g/mL
  • Ethanol/water extracted curcumin-90%
  • Water dispersible curcumin – 6 to 80%
  • Water soluble curcumin -7.5%
  • Supercritical extracted turmeric oil – High levels of turmerones
  • Turmeric polysaccharides >10%



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