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About Spiceuticals


Tailored to capture the essential phytonutrients in each spice

Tailored to capture the essential phytonutrients in spices & herbs in a bio-efficient way.

Spices are far beyond mere flavours & colours! – They have emerged from the constant search of man for the aids to heal the body, mind and the soul. They are essential components of traditional Indian and Chinese systems of medicine to boost immunity, prevent diseases and to maintain health. The post-genomic scientific research could unravel the panacea of phytonutrients in spices as efficient components of health. Spices are several fold higher antioxidants than fruits and vegetables! However, pungent/bitter taste and aroma has seriously limiting their use in a physiologically relevant dosage.

Spiceuticals® provides an answer to this issue – an array of non-spicy standardised extracts developed through the years of meticulous research involving the molecular, biochemical and pharmaceutical approaches to extract, formulate and deliver the medicinal secrets of spices in a natural, water soluble and bio-available format employing patented delivery techniques.


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