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About Spiceuticals


Tailored to capture the essential phytonutrients in each spice

Spices are far beyond flavours & colours ! - emerged from the search of the man in nature for aids that can heal the body, mind and the soul. Spices – the global food components and traditional medicinal agents having a solution of bioavailable antioxidants several fold higher than fruits and vegetables – thus offer a new generation functional phytonutrients to better cater the notion that β€˜it is always better to prevent diseases rather than treating to cure.’ They are essential components of traditional Indian and Chinese systems of medicine. Post genomic scientific research, employing the sophisticated techniques of molecular screening and cellular interactions has substantiated the panacea of phytonutrients in spices as efficient components of health. Kitchen spices like turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, pepper, chili, garlic, etc have already the superstars in nutraceutical world. The extreme safety profile and their great history of use as safe food components with the GRAS status multiply the significance of spice components as nutraceutical and/or functional/medical food ingredients.

Spices are several fold higher antioxidants than fruits and vegetables ! But, the current level of less than 1% of use as food ingredients is inadequate to trigger a positive physiological effect. Pungent/bitter taste and aroma of spices limits its use in food- a major limitation of spices for human consumption. Spiceuticals®, the ultimate answer for spice nutrients. An array of non-spicy, deodorized and standardized phytonutrient extracts from clinically relevant GRAS-listed kitchen spices employing a unique patent pending technology to extract, concentrate and formulate (bioavailable powder forms & granulates) bioactive phytonutrient marker rich extracts of spices.

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