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The great sea voyage of Vasco da Gama from Portugal when ended up in the South most state in India (Kerala) in 1498, was in fact opening up a new search of natural gift of Spices… a novel ‘Spice Route’ for the mankind !!!

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The great sea voyage of Vasco da Gama from Portugal to the East when ended up in Calicut (1498), a small coastal city in the south Indian state of Kerala, was in fact unravelling a new route to the hidden treasure of mother nature – Spices & Herbs – to the mankind…! Kerala, the birth place of Ayurveda, is very often regarded as the God’s Own Country in the world tourist map and remains as a natural habitat for thousands of Spices & Herbs. AKAY takes pride being a resourceful Natural Ingredient manufacturer from Kerala – The Garden of Spices…!

Spiceuticals® represents yet another ‘spice route’ led by meticulous research to unlock the nutritional secrets of Indian Spices & Herbs to generate efficient and safe botanical ingredients for Nutraceuticals and Functional food. Akay has always remained on the forward edge of cutting-edge technologies and innovations in spices.

Spiceuticals® are standardised, water soluble & bio-available extracts of GRAS-listed spices with minimised taste & odour for functional applications, produced by patented and trademarked proprietary processes and natural delivery technologies.

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Why Spiceuticals?

Spiceuticals are far beyond ‘just kitchen flavourings’

  • 25-years of unmatched experience with spices & herbs (Pre/post-harvest operations to extraction and formulation)
  • Dedicated workforce and farmer groups with software-aided monitoring system
  • Integrated pesticide management for customised spices & herbs
  • Obsession with quality and hygiene – automation for minimised human contact
  • Mastered emulsion, encapsulation, agglomeration, Coating & bulk density management
  • Mastered delivery techniques of nano emulsions & liposomes
  • Clinically substantiated structure-function claims
  • Peer-reviewed publications in high impact journals
  • Full spectrum traceability – Nature to NutraceuticalsTM
  • Global sourcing and sustainability initiatives
  • Dedicated plant facilities for continuous & batch extractors for ORGANIC grade
  • Expertise backed by product & process innovation and patents
  • Mastered Fluid-bed technology, beadlet process & Particle size management
  • Safety imbibed in every product
  • Extensive safety studies & Complete nutritional profile
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