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The great sea voyage of Vasco da Gama from Portugal when ended up in the South most state in India (Kerala) in 1498, was in fact opening up a new search of natural gift of Spices… a novel ‘Spice Route’ for the mankind !!!

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Quality is our

Akay one of the resourceful leaders amongst the spice ingredient manufacturers based at the same place where Vasco da Gama landed in search of spices, is now opening up yet another novel ‘spice route’ through meticulous research-led approach to unlock the nutritional secrets of spices and provide a new generation of Functional Spice Ingredients - Spiceuticals®.

Constantly adjusting to the needs of today’s consumer, Akay Group remains on the forward edge of new technologies and innovative products. We are amongst those few companies in India that produce the best quality spices. Based on our continuous efforts and commitments towards quality products and services we present an array of non-spicy (taste and odour minimized), water soluble, and bio available extracts from clinically relevant GRAS-listed spices, employing a unique patent pending technology to extract, concentrate and formulate the bioactive extracts. Our products have been appreciated by buyers and consumers around the world.

Our Nutraceutical Products

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Why Spiceuticals?

Spiceuticals are far beyond ‘just kitchen flavourings’

  • Proactive technical Support
  • Over a decade of experience in the industry. No one understands spice mixes better than we do
  • Superior technology to maintain nutrition, taste, texture and aroma of the spice mixes
  • Obsession with quality and Hygiene, with zero human contact
  • Safety imbibed in every product
  • Non-spicy, odour & taste minimized, water soluble, standardized extracts of GRAS –Spices
  • Expertise backed by innovation
  • Superior packaging for improved convenience & brand awareness
  • Availability of quality spices in bulk from our own organic farms - Aqueous and/or Hydro-ethanolic process
  • Mastered Microencapsulation/Emulsion techniques
  • Patent pending processes and trademarks
  • Characterized by preclinical evaluations, antioxidant studies (ORAC) and Toxicity data
  • Analyzed and confirmed by LC/MS/MS, HPLC, GC/MS, ICP-MS, UV/Vis, FTIR etc.
  • Safe, Efficacious, Cost-effective & Clean
  • Enhanced bio available formulations - clinically evaluated & patented
  • Complete nutritional profile
  • Documented efficacy and biomarker details
  • Detailed product-know how backed by scientific literature
  • Full spectrum traceability -from raw material to product
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