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About SpiceRich

Inspiring Taste

Wide spectrum of spices

Core Competences

  • Highly experienced, competent and dynamic work force.
  • The expressed loyalty of our trusted customers
  • A dedicated R&D wing focused at innovations

Why Choose Us?

  • Proficiency backed by invention
  • Pioneers with experience and expertise
  • Excellence and security absorbed in every products
  • Preferred spice brand of consumers around India
  • Superior packaging for improved accessibility & brand awareness
  • Transparent and ethical business operations

Corporate Social Responsibility

SpiceRich being a company under a responsible management is committed to provide the products that provide the society with better health, reduced pollution and wastage of resources. All the research and development activities of the company have an inborn urge to provide something for the betterment of the society. The company is working at grass root level with the farmers of developing countries, employing contract farming to produce and supply hazard free raw materials to the global food industry.

Our values

Ethical Outlook

We do the business for the welfare of the society and for our existence. We don’t ever let ourselves engaged in any sort of malpractices to increase our profit share.

Scientific Innovations

SpiceRich is a company that supports innovations. All innovations are science backed and is aimed at adding value to customers.


We believe that it is all the relations we keep, helped us to grow to this stage. Harmonic relationship is maintained towards the competitors, customers, vendors and employees.


To provide customers with exceptional quality seasoning products with minimal wastage of resources and reduced adverse effects to the environment.


To become the best accepted and preferred brand in the global seasoning industry.

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