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SpiceRich, the best seasoning manufacturers in india

brings you an exclusive array of seasoning products to satisfy your taste and health needs that you were longing for. It brings you an exciting variety of flavours of authentic Indian spices. Being a unique blend of aromatic spices, spice extracts and flavouring agents, SpiceRich adds fascinating flavours to a variety of dishes depending on individual taste preferences.

With our contemporary understanding of the customer needs, we Akay stays on top of market changes and developing new tastes & aroma for the satisfaction of your needs and applications.

If we're working on coatings, snacks, sauces, meat, or any other seasonings, we'll run a trial on complete application processes and confirm the quality before it gets dispatched to you. So that Akay flavours and Aromatics Pvt. Ltd. is also a proven reputed seasoning company in India.

Furthermore SpiceRich is convenient, user-friendly and moreover healthy and delectable enough to make your cooking a wonderful experience with exceptional colour, flavour and taste. It is specifically designed to reduce your workload in the kitchen and at the same time by adding variety to your palate.

Our Major Products

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seasoning manufacturers in india


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Marinades & coats

masala manufacturers in india

Liquid spice blends

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SpiceMix for noodles,
soups & sauces

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Functional blends

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