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Wide spectrum of spices

With an annual capacity of 10000 mt of processed spices, the factory operates 3 separate production lines one for tropical spices (Turmeric and Ginger), another dedicated exclusively for Chili (Red Pepper) and the third line for seed spices (Black & White Peppers, Cumin, Coriander, Fennel, Fenugreek etc.)

Spices undergo a thorough cleaning process to remove foreign bodies. Light impurities are removed by aspiration and heavy foreign bodies are removed using density separators. After this, cleaned material is passed through magnets (rare earth, 10000 gauss strength) and metal detectors to rule out any metal contaminants.

Cleaned and metal detector cleared material is subjected to precisely controlled steam sterilization process to achieve desired levels of microbiological control. After sterilizing, the product is immediately dried to remove any excess moisture. State of the art imported PLC enabled sterilization system ensures precise monitoring of process parameters and repeatability.

The sterile material is subjected to milling (grinding) depending on specific customer needs for granulation. Milled spices are separated according to their particle sizes using different types of sifters.

Detailed composite sampling protocol adhered to during raw material check, WIP (Work In Progress) check and FG (Finished Goods) check ensure that products conform to stringent global standards demanded by our customers.

The facility employs globally known brands for Chili (Red Pepper) grinding system and seed spices cleaning system.

All production systems are regularly checked and validated to ensure their compliance with process parameters.

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