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Research and Development

Innovative transformation of spices

New Product Development

Customer support with ample scientific literature information (third party publications) and generation of their own preclinical evaluation reports and publications to prove the efficacy and toxicity of the ingredients occupies another major part of the R & D activities. Collaborations with various research institutes and hospitals make AKAY capable of designing and developing suitable protocols and to carry out human intervention trials and clinical trials (wherever necessary) proving the new Spiceutical® range of nutritional extracts significant. Development & implementation of green processes (eg: use of water and ethanol, as far as possible) for the selective isolation and formulation of bioactive phytonutrients forms another core of the extraction activities. Contract research activities customized product development is yet another part of the R&D. Properly segregated R&D scientists and New Product Development teams with dedicated quality assurance chemists makes their new product mission a reality.

Akay R&D is well equipped with the state-of-the-art modern scientific instruments to facilitate cutting-edge research in food ingredients, formulations, nutraceuticals and cosmeceutical areas. Ultrasound generators, various laboratory mills, flakers, extractors, concentrators, distillation and chromatographic columns, spray driers, blenders, super critical extractors and driers make product development easy and fast. Sophisticated analytical facilities include HPLC with variable detectors, (like dual wavelength UV/Vis, Photo Diode Array (PDA) and fluorescence detectors), LCMS, GCs & GC/MS, UV/V is Spectrophotometers, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers, stability chambers, and other minor equipment for physical property measurements and well equipped microbiology lab makes the new product development programs of AKAY pragmatic and efficient.

AKAY believes INNOVATION as the key to success. Akay has made wise investments in its R&D centre (recognized by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Government of INDIA) for new products and projects, with proper background scanning and time bound programs. The Centre helps AKAY to develop quality-driven and customer-oriented products, meeting the specific needs of their customers in the changing global scenario. Innovative products are always tailored to provide a unique claim which helps their customers to launch novel products.

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