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Akay Spices’ commitment to quality finds expression in the full-fledged in-house lab at the facility.

GC-MS/MS: state of the art equipment to determine levels of pesticide residues in spices, enabling product quality to reach global standards.

HPLC: used to accurately measure active ingredient component (capsaicin) in Chili (Red Pepper) as well as analyze levels of mycotoxins in ppb levels across the product range.

UV Spectrophotometer: used to determine levels of active ingredients in Turmeric (curcumin), Black & White Peppers (piperine) and colour of Chili (Red Pepper).

Hunter Colour Flex: used to determine surface colour, especially for Chili (Red Pepper) and Turmeric.

Water Activity Meter: is used to check the free water content in the finished goods which is crucial for shelf life.

Stereo Microscope: used to check microsanitary parameters like insect fragments, foreign bodies etc.

Rotap Sieve Shaker: this instrument is used to determine particle size of products to ensure conformance to customer requirements.

Laminar/Biosafety Cabinet: used for microbiology analyses under aseptic conditions.


  • BRC

  • FSSC 22000

  • HALAL 2017

  • ISO 9001-2008

  • KOSHER 2017

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