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Influence of CurQfen® on obesity-associated cardiovascular disease risk factors and arterial function: A double-blinded, randomized, controlled trial

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CurQfen Improves Hepatic Function Markers in Chronic Alcoholics

The nutritional intervention of CurQfen was found to offer a significant hepatoprotective effect to attenuate the alcohol induced alterations to hepatic function markers. It was found to be significantly effective on the liver toxicity markers, oxidative stress markers & inflammatory markers.

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CurcuFresh™ – Botanical Product Of the Year

CurcuFresh™ – Solvent free bio available curcumin developed & manufactured by Akay Flavours & Aromatics Pvt. Ltd., India and marketed by Now Foods USA, won the NutraIngredients USA Award 2018 under the category – Botanical product of the year.

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TurmaFEED – A natural growth promoting poultry feed additive

Feed grade ingredient from turmeric for improving the growth performance and carcass quality of broilers. TurmaFEED TM is a natural feed additive to improve growth performance in poultry, due to the better antioxidant activity and antimicrobial effects contributed by the better bioavailability of curcuminoids and turmerones.

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New human clinical study on the anti-inflammatory potential of CurQfen

AKAY’s R&D published a new human study about the anti-inflammatory effect of CurQfen against oxidised low-density lipoprotein (ox-LDL) induced inflammatory responses in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells. CurQfen is found to down-regulate and reverse the ox-LDL-induced alterations indicating its potential anti-inflammatory effect. The low-density lipoprotein (ox-LDL) is recently identified as a key risk factor in cardiovascular diseases (Pawlak et al. 2012). The results of the study indicated that CurQfen has significant anti-inflammatory effect on ox-LDL-induced inflammatory condition, as evident from the biochemical assays and gene expression analysis. The study concludes that CurQfen is a safe antioxidant-rich natural formulation of curcumin, possessing potent anti-inflammatory effect and might have implications for strategies that aim to prevent and attenuate cardiovascular diseases, especially atherosclerosis.

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procynCi® received USA patent for its processing technology & composition.

Natural cinnamon extract from Akay, procynCi® received USA patent for its processing technology & composition. It is standardized to the highest levels of bioactive & bioavailable procyanidin type A/B polymers.

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Know your curcumin bioavailability better than before!

Bioavailable formulations of curcumin continue to increase with claims on a various number of folds. To better evaluate bioavailability claims, the current status on curcumin bioavailability measurement techniques and its biotransformation is required.

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CurQfen®- the FINALIST in the Nutra Ingredients Awards 2017 for the Ingredient of the Year – Heart Health category

Recent research at University of Kentucky, USA demonstrated the significant effect of CurQfen®, to reduce the aortic stiffness and brachial pulse pressure in young obese individuals by up-regulating the anti-inflammatory cytokines, when supplemented at just 500 mg/day.

nutra ingredients award 2017

The results of the double blinded randomized placebo-controlled study assume significance from the fact that aortic stiffness is directly linked to CV risks and CV mortality.  Earlier human clinical trials also indicated the enhanced effect of CurQfen® in reducing the stress, anxiety and fatigue with a significant elevation in endogenous antioxidants such as glutathione. The remarkable ability of CurQfen® in reducing lipid peroxidation with detoxification potential also demonstrated the potential of CurQfen® to ameliorate cardiovascular risks.   The uniqueness of CurQfen® lies in its ability to provide the bioactive free-form of curcuminoids to plasma and further into tissues, with improved blood-brain-barrier permeability. CurQfen® is setting up a new benchmark in bioavailability of curcumin, more than just the absorption of curcumin glucuronides to plasma!



Hybrid chili varieties gain root in Rwanda

AKAY joins hands with International Trade Centre (ITC), through its Supporting Indian Trade and Investment for Africa (SITA) project, and Rwanda’s National Agriculture Export Development Board (NAEB) to develop premium quality, high value chili varieties in Rwanda.

Akay provided premium quality chili seeds to NAEB for distribution to the Rwandan farmers, and the seedlings were effectively transplanted from nurseries to the main fields under the supervision of the project team. Select farmers are currently growing new chili varieties in Rwanda, and Akay has agreed to buy their entire harvest at prevailing market prices. SITA organised a mission to assess the progress of the hybrid chili trials in Rwanda. The team included Shibu Anandarajan from Akay Flavours & Aromatics, J. Marie Munyaneza from NAEB, spices expert Dr. C.K. George, and SITA representatives from Geneva and Rwanda.

There is good potential for hybrid chili cultivation in Rwanda. It will help generate more employment opportunities for youth and women and will improve their socio-economic conditions. It will also help Akay buy ‘pesticide regulated chili’ at competitive prices to meet the growing demand for chili in the future. The mission gave Rwandan chili farmers new hope by providing theoretical and practical training, and most importantly, by guaranteeing a reliable market through Akay.

Speaking of the company’s choice of Rwanda as a destination for investment in Africa, Dr. Balu Maliakel, Managing Director of Akay, said that despite its landlocked geography, several factors such as the presence of skilled and committed farmers, organised community-level farmer groups, responsive governmental support and proactive support from the National Agricultural Export Board swung the deal in the country’s favour.
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