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About Akay Group

Akay group is promoted by Mr. Alex Koshy, one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs from Kerala, in the Middle East. Mr. Alex Koshy set foot in UAE, in the year 1977, after a successful novice of business in Baroda, India. Himself a perfectionist in engineering and functional process, and the ideal business situation prevailing in UAE, powered by the bright and long sighted policies of the rulers, propelled his ventures into construction, contracting, manufacturing etc.

To add to his success in UAE and also with a noble aim to give back something to his motherland, Mr. Alex Koshy started Akay in India, with first factory at his home village of Pathanamthitta, in 1995. Pathanamthitta district covering the western ghats of Kerala is a rich growing area for all kinds of spices, hence Mr. Alex Koshy identified spice processing and value addition for export as the most suitable business to start in his home town. Today Akay Group has become a global company with exports to more than 50 countries around the world, with factories & operations in India, China, USA, Germany, Japan and Cambodia.

Akay, one of the many successful enterprises Mr. Alex Koshy has started , is now in the process of growing with diversification globally, with addition of more manufacturing sites, organic farming and with increased sales & marketing network in more countries.

Our Vision and Values

We focus on providing the best service to our customers and partners with our professional way of doing business.


Our Values

  • Our aspiration is to supply products that always meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

  • We are committed to ensure food safety and our quality assurance systems are aimed at providing safe products to our customers.

  • We will work with dedication to promote a close collaboration with all our customers and partners in an open and transparent way.

  • We are committed to remain attentive to our customers whenever they need us.

  • We give high priority in maintaining decency in all endeavours.

  • We strive for finding innovative solutions to serve the food industry in a better way.



Accountability is something that we need to keep in the forefront of our minds. Each of us is accountable – to the company, ourselves and society for quality of our efforts, for contributing to our goals.



Ambition is the path to success. We set supreme standard in everything we do and aim to accomplish challenging goals.



We believe that being in business today means being responsible in the way we work and responsible for our actions. We conduct our business in a socially and environmentally responsible way.



We believe that innovation fuels business growth. Innovation is the key to our business success; therefore we encourage a learning culture across the organization for continuous development.



Our readiness for change determines the potential commitment and acceptance to the effect of the success of the change being planned. We make ourselves prepared for change always and use to our advantage.



Honesty is the foundation of all we do. Those with whom we work, live and serve can rely on us. Our business practices are open and honest to protect the integrity of Akay and all its Employees.

Our Commitment

Environmental Responsibility

  • We give primary importance to provide more environmentally friendly lives to our customers by giving them the best quality products and services.

  • We set and achieve challenging environmental objectives and place bioethical considerations before business.

  • We improve industrial safety and quality while saving on water, energy, raw materials and minimizing waste.

Contract farming and Sourcing of Spices Globally

With its base in Kerala, the heart of India’s Spice growing region, Akay nurtures a very close and special relationship with the local spice growing community. Over the last 20 years we have extended this relationship to farming communities in other parts of India and also internationally.

Akay has initiated 1500 acres of organic farming in Cambodia for Spices and other crops. Along with this, we also train the local Cambodian farmers on spice farming, on the assurance of guaranteed buy back at market prices. Currently, around 100+ farmers are working with Akay, and our goal us to increase this up to over 1000.

Contract farming and Sourcing of Spices Globally Contract farming and Sourcing of Spices Globally Contract farming and Sourcing of Spices Globally Contract farming and Sourcing of Spices Globally

Extraction Expertise

We have technical experts with more than 25 years of experience in solvent extraction of spices. Along with batch extraction process, two continuous extraction plants are also functional now.

Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) is the newest and more eco-friendly extraction we are using now, to make Organic Spice Extracts.

A strong R&D wing and Innovation center focusing on Nutraceutical segment has made new products with several patents, under the trade name SPICEUTICALS®. A new GMP certified plant for making these products is functional now.

Akay Group – History and Facts:

1993 Company incorporated as AKAY Flavours & Aromatics Pvt. Ltd.

1995 Commencement of commercial production and operations to manufacture spice oleoresins, spice extracts, essential oils and natural colours.

First commercial extraction plant started operations at Pathanamthitta, Kerala, India.

1996 Joint Venture agreement signed with Chr. Hansen Holding A/S Denmark, one of the largest food ingredient manufacturing groups in the world.

Chili pre-processing plant begins operation in Tadas, Karnataka, India.

1997 Second commercial extraction plant begins operations at Pathanamthitta, which is fully dedicated to the manufacture of curcumin from turmeric.

1998 AKAY receives ISO 9002

2004 New site started at Ambunad near Cochin, Kerala with R&D and paprika sweetening plant.

2005 AKAY’s plants in both Pathanamthitta and Cochin are re-certified ISO 9001:2000 along with HACCP:2002

2006 New supercritical extraction pilot plant begins operations.

New continuous extraction plant begins operations in Cochin.

2007 Equity investment from Chr. Hansen transferred to Mr. Alex Koshy.

AKAY Group Ltd is incorporated along with AKAY Europe GmbH and AKAY Cambodia Ltd.

Both sites at Pathanamthitta and Cochin are certified ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 14001:2004 (environment)

2008 AKAY Cambodia procures 720 hectares of prime land in Battambang Province in Cambodia and begins clearing work of the land for organic spice cultivation.

Akay (Beijing) representative office is set up to manage sales in China.

AKAY USA LLC is established to sales and distribution in North America.

2009 AKAY Cambodia starts farm operations.

AKAY opens a new capsicum finishing plant at Cochin

First in the industry to be certified as per PAS 220:2008

QA/QC laboratory receives ISO 17025 (NABL)

2011 AKAY (Beijing) Trade Co. Ltd and SpiceRich Seasonings Pvt. Ltd are established.

AKAY opens a new granulation plant at Cochin.

2012 New R&D and Spiceuticals plant is commissioned.

Obtains GMP certification


Upgrades quality certifications to FSSC 22000:2011

Receives BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certification

AKAY Spices Pvt Ltd is established.

2014 Commissioning of second continuous extraction plant in Karnataka

Commissioning of Akay Spices plant with an annual capacity of 10000 MT per year.

Receives ISO 9001:2008, FSSC 22000:2011 and BRC – A grade certifications for Akay Spices.

Asian Development Bank (ADB) invests in Akay.

Our Logo


The logo of Akay depicts the Indian Bindi. Thus the logo symbolizes the spices, the Indian heritage and the purpose of Akay’s products. The logo is also meant to bring associations of a growing plant to mind – symbolizing the raw materials – the essence of nature.

Our Business/Divisions


Oleoresins & Essential Oils

Akay is a global supplier of paprika and spice oleoresins from India.



At Akay Spices we preserve the natural essence to deliver the real goodness and freshness.



We have our own ways of producing quality extracts and now we introduce our new venture - Spiceuticals®.



SpiceRich has attracted attention far and wide because of its exclusive array of seasoning products.

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