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Akay is a global supplier of

Oleoresin capsicum, paprika oleoresin and all other spice oleoresins

from India. Akay has become a well known name because of its excellent quality products and at the same time catering to the common man at prices affordable by him. The product range is so wide and backed up by quality products.

The saga of Akay begins in the year 1995. Today, Akay has carved a position of its own as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of paprika and spice oleoresins, natural essential oils, and natural colours for the global food industry.

Renowned for its cutting-edge extraction technology, expertise in meeting customer specifications and extensive sourcing capabilities, Akay is ideally positioned to offer the technical expertise and support that is required in today’s challenging market.

Major Spice Oleoresins

capsicum oleoresin

Natural Colours

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paprika oleoresin


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oleoresin capsicum

Roasted Oleoresins

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oleoresin capsicum in food

Essential Oils

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organic curcumin powder

Encapsulated Oils & Oleoresins

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paprika powder


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